This is where everything begins. You will receive all necessary information regarding the organization of Family Park and its attractions.
We are always ready to answer your questions.


On the weekend there is always something interesting on our stage: from the elves with Santa, to Professor Curious with his team presenting yet another crazy experiment.
This place builds self-confidence in children
as the animators encourage them to be active.

climbing wall

Climbing teaches you to be responsible
for other people and helps you
overcome your own physical and mental barriers
(weaknesses and fears). Responsibility gives
self-confidence to your children
and makes them believe in themselves, which will be
certainly a benefit in the future!


Motorcycles, quads, and toy cars. Everybody will find a thing for themselves.
You can race with your kid or drive with him or her in the same car.
There is yet another “Great Driver” badge to get.
So go ahead!


Great adventure, jungle with obstacles such as footbridges, trampolines, balance beams, slides, tunnels, rollers. This attractions allows you to play together with your child,
and also develops his or her cognitive and motor skills.

Rainbow slide

An enormous sidle, which will allow you to play together with your child, as there are two sliding tracks for both of you. Guaranteed great fun which develops self-confidence.


Let’s solve the mysteries of science. The Professor and his team will use their spectacular experiments to explain how our world is constructed.


Family bowling competition? Why not!
We have modified our bowling alleys especially for kids
to easily teach them about the secrets of bowling.

Strefa trampolin

Wyskacz się do woli w naszej strefie trampolin! Poczuj się jak Smok Fampo i zrób skok na zabawę! Pamiętaj żeby zabrać ze sobą skarpetki antypoślizgowe. Skarpetki możesz także nabyć na miejscu.

Terrific cannons

Family Park teaches us physics with a great satisfaction
while playing. We shoot using sponge bullets, always
keeping safe and wearing protection goggles.

machines and interactive games

Air jockey tables, dodge ball, and other sill-based machines is a great fun for the whole family. To turn on the machine, insert coins of PLN 2 or 5.


In Family Park you can become Mini Mouse, Spiderman, a fierce tiger, or a beautiful butterfly. Choose your favourite picture. We do face painting with a professional, accredited Snazaroo dyes.

Little ones’ corner

A mini labyrinth and other attractions.
We gradually let the youngest kids who are making their first steps
get familiar with Family Park.


Sweet treats, our own, homemade pastries,
dinner meals, and a great energy booster
with hot coffee. We will take a good care of you
and your child.