In December 2004, at the site of Romet Bicycle Factory, Family Park Play Centre was created. This sad and gloomy former factory hall turned into a colourful wonderland of children's play and dreams coming true.

Family Park Play Centre

was created for all those who want to spend time with their closest ones in an interesting way. Our aim was to allow all family members at all ages to relax in an active way. Our site has an area of over 4000 m2.

It includes a playground for the youngest ones, who can discover the world under the watchful eye of our animators, while having a lot of fun at the same time. A climbing wall, battery operated cars and numerous other attractions for children allow them to learn new skills during various physical activities. We also have a bowling centre, which is perfect for family tournaments or a casual game with friends. More than a million kids have visited us over the last eleven years. We are proud that a new generation of children comes to Family Park to discover the world by playing and learning.

Our standards

Our main goal is to ensure technical and sanitary safety, which allows us to create good conditions for full creativity and family fun. Our team ensures everyday correct functioning of Family Park. Play in Family Park is safe thanks to the team of technical specialists, who perform everyday checks that are compliant with applicable guidelines and based on the control of devices through visual inspection and functional controls which allow to prepare a detailed evaluation of each device. Every year, Family Park undergoes the process of technical accreditation by an authorized specialist, who inspects all devices and documentation in the park in order to issue a certificate, which serves as basis for running the Park.

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Kącik Malucha

Nawet raczkujące maluchy mogą przeżywać radosne chwile wspólnej zabawy z mamą i tatą. Kącik znajduje się na piętrze i jest strefą oddzieloną od głównej sali zabaw. Strefa wyposażona jest w mini figloraj wraz z basenem z piłeczkami.


Kącik dla dzieci do lat sześciu.

Food and drinks

Our buffet offers everything that can satisfy the needs of both children and parents.

Snacks, refreshments, and desserts to regenerate after all the difficulties while winning Figloraj.

Parents who need some energy to keep up with their little ones can enjoy a delicious coffee.

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