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Family Park organizuje od 2004 roku najlepsze przyjęcia urodzinowe dla dzieci z Bydgoszczy i okolic. Jesteśmy liderem animacji urodzin dla dzieci.
Zadzwoń, napisz – zajmiemy się wszystkim.

Profesjonalni animatorzy, wyjątkowe aranżacje sal urodzinowych, sala dla rodziców, oryginalne scenariusze przyjęć dla dzieci, największa liczba atrakcji dla dzieci w Bydgoszczy.
Profesjonalnie, kreatywnie, edukacyjnie – Family Park Bydgoszcz.

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Family Park is a perfect place for an educational and recreational trip, as a part of which the participants will have an amazing adventure. We are the only centre in the region that has an interactive scientific exhibition, where the workshops aiming at solving the mysteries of science are held.

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Family Park Play Centre is not only a play room, where children can romp freely. Family Park also means various events. Professor Curious’ Shows, cooking workshops, picnics, and festivals are only

some of our offers. We handle complex organization of services and prepare events in accordance with our client’s goals and needs. The guarantee of success for Family Park Events is your child’s smile, which we turn into a business success.

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Our buffet offers everything that can satisfy the needs of both children and parents.

Snacks, refreshments, and desserts to regenerate after all the difficulties while winning Figloraj.

Parents who need some energy to keep up with their little ones can enjoy a delicious coffee.

Sweet treats: homemade Danish pastries,
homemade cake and Italian ice-cream.

Something to grab a bite: a soup, toasted cheese sandwich,

Super healthy freshly expressed and purée juices.
Miko express coffee: cappuccino, crema, latte.